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The shooting with Antonia was the first shot in Prague in 2015. When I met her, I immediately thought, WOW that’s going to be funny. She was very open and told me right away that she has done this before, but that there were not this many people. But, she wanted to see and feel how it is when there are many people on the road. Since she knew that this will happen with us, she was really crazy about the shooting. To warm up, we started at the opera hall and kept walked along the Moldau waterfront. It didn’t even take one minute until we were surrounded by „paparazzi“. Everyone wanted to take photos of Antonia. But, I have to honestly say that she looked very hot and she also knew how to present her body. It didn’t matter where Antonia went, the reactions were always positive. For the second series, we went to a…Read Now Her Full Story.


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